Below is a partial list of the wedding photographs that we take.
Feel free to add or delete to the list.
We will photograph any style wedding you are planning.

Contact us today so we can start planning your wedding shots.



 Formal Portraits

Family Photographs

Reception Photographs

 Entire Bridal Party

 Bride and Groom with her parents

 The Toast: Best Man

 Groom and Usher(s)

 Bride and Groom with her grandparents

 The Toast: Maid of Honor

 Groom and Best man

 Bride and Groom with his parents

 The Toast: All others

 Bride and Bridesmaid(s)

 Bride and Groom with his grandparents

 First Dance various angles

 Bride and Maid of Honor

 Bride with her parents

 Shots of guests dancing

 Bride, Groom, Best Man, Maid of Honor

 Bride with her grandparents

 Table shots

 Groom (full length)

 Bride with his parents

 Guests at tables

 Bride (full length)

 Bride with his grandparents

 The wedding cake

 Groom single portraits

 Groom with her parents

 Bride and Groom cutting cake

 Bride single portraits

 Groom with her grandparents

 Bride feeding Groom

 Bride and Groom

 Groom with his parents

 Groom feeding Bride

 Close up of rings

Groom with his grandparents

 Bride and Grooms rings with cake

 Best Man ans Maid of Honor

 Bride with her family members

 Bride and groom kissing with cake in photo

 Usher and Bridesmaid

 Bride with his family members

 Bouquet and garter toss

 Groom with her family members

 Miscellaneous shots

 Groom with his family members

 Bride with entire families

 Groom with entire families

 Bride and Groom with entire family